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Monday, 1 July 2013

10 Essential Blogger Widgets and Plugins


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When it comes to blogger plugins and widgets there's no question, there are hundreds of plugin, but we've picked out the top 10 essentials widgets for some serious blogging. Let's have a look and find out what each has to offer.

#1 Author Info Widget

Similar to WordPress author card info, which is displayed at the end of the post, Author Info Widget, will display the author biography at the end of each post for Blogger users. Author Info Widget shows you're about me text, gravatar, social network, mail address, and contact links of your post author.   

#2 Google Buzz Share Count Button

These days Google Buzz is doing a lot of buzzing, and it can be seen in Mashable. You can opt for the same on your Blogspot/Blogger blogs. Add Goggle Buzz Share Count Button to your blog, which will count and allow you to buzz your blog.


#3 Subscribe Widget

This is a powerful free WordPress plugin. Every blog needs to have a social profile to get the users stay updated with the blog updates. Most of the template comes with a subscribe widget on the sidebar and some don't. If your template doesn't have a subscribe widget, you can make use of this.


#4 Recent Post With Thumbnails

One of the popular blogger widgets, created by Aneesh. Easy to customize, easy to integrate on your blogs, and the script is easy to install. The image thumbnails displayed for each related post are generated from the thumbnail associated with the relevant post page.


#5 Featured Content Slider

This elegant featured content slider from Bloggermint, is a must have plugin, which will smoothly show an unlimited number of posts. It is easy to integrate into blogger and compatible with all major browsers.


#6 MintShare

A Pure CSS3 and HTML based social share widget in five different variant from our Bloggermint labs. Mint Share is one of the few CSS and HTML based widget, and without any JavaScript the buttons are really fast-loading and small in size.


#7 Accordion

This is a unique blogger widget from Abu Farhan. This will show or hide your widget on your sidebar. A first of its kind for blogger makes it easier for the visitor to read and not show all long posts. The script will show only the first post, then hide the rest.


#8 Recent Post Sliding With Thumbnail and Simple Spy

This is another widget from Bloggertricks.com. Many would have seen simple spy in some design where the recent post fades in. This widget makes that possible with blogger blogs.


#9 Random Rotating Banner

One of the best money making widgets for your blog is this easy to customize random rotating banner. You can even customize the number of ads to be rotated. You do have to do a couple of small template modification for the banner to work.

#10 Twitter Follow Us Badge

Yet another blogger gadget that's worth using. With one click, you're able to add the floating Twitter follow us badge on your blog.
There are many more useful plugins and widgets available online but this is definitely a great place to start. Keep Visiting For More!!!


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